Taking bath together is a new experience in the lives of couples, who have just married. Showering together connects you with your partner both emotionally and physically, also helpful to boost your love life naturally.

According to a research, couples who bath together have strong connection with their partners than those who bath alone.

Find out how to enjoy momentary bliss during taking bath together by following the romantic bath tips.

  • To enjoy the sensual activity with your partner

Put rose petals and colorful candles at various places in the bathroom. Spray sweet fragrance all around.

  • To make your bath better

Keep a beautiful bathtub filled with flowers for your hubby with lots of foam bubbles.

  • To make your partner happy

Take bath in the evening and to spend this time together, play some light romantic music.

  • To add the appeal factor

Take shower with him and rub his body with fragrant body massage and pass soft kisses.

It’s very relaxing and intimating, when your partner rinse your back, rub your feet, touch your fingers, swing into arms with lots of lather falling on body.

A romantic bath made with your hubby gives you most loving and touchy moments, which is helpful to relax your mind and body.

To bring joy and happiness in your love life, make regular habit to take romantic bath with your partner.

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