These days coloring hair is considered as trendy and funky. People use hair dye or color to either cover up the grey hair or to change the way they look. Nowadays people from school kids to celebrities experiment variety of hair colors to change their appearance with a drastic effect.

We all know that hairstyle and hair color can totally change the way we look. It is true that hair colors used today are more safe than products used earlier as today’s hair color contain special conditioners and polymers which protect the hair. But do you know the side effects of using different hair color or dye used for coloring your hair? If not have a look here -


  • Skin Irritation – It may include burning sensation, itching, redness and discomfort. If any of these occur you should stop coloring your hair. It is also recommended to perform a small skin patch test before starting coloring.
  • Allergic Reactions – Most of the hair color or dye ingredients contain allergy inducing sensitizers like PPD and more which causes problems like itching, scalp puffiness, swelling, difficulty in breathing. They can also provoke the development of certain type of cancer, hay fever, arthritis and leukemia etc.
  • Hair Breakage – Excessive use of hair color or dyes makes the hair dry, rough and fragile. In worst cases, hair can break off entirely. Colored hair should be conditioned regularly.
  • Skin Discoloration – Hair, skin and fingernails are made up of same type of protein. While coloring around the hairline certain patches of discolored skin can develop. Special care should be taken while doing so.

Tip – Follow all instructions and directions before applying any hair color or dye and do not leave hair color for long on hair and try to use them less frequently. You can use Henna as a natural hair dye.

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6 Responses to “Side Effects of Hair Dye/Color”

  1. mary grace says:

    This post is very true. My father had his hair dyed from grey hair to black hair. After a few days he’s got allergic reaction from the hair dye product that he used. That is why we should be really careful on choosing the right hair products. Thank you for this post, really helpful. I would like to share this on lifo.com, fun site for girls where they can share their beauty tips and fashion trends to others.

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