Sudden short-term memory loss is often as frightening for loved ones as it is for the sufferer. The fact is that it comes on suddenly yields clues to its possible causes.  Short term memory loss is where a patient can”t remember things that happened recently but can remember things and people from years ago.

Everything you see, feel, and experience travels via nerves to the brain. The brain now does a fascinating thing it provides three types of memory; working, short term, and long term. This explains why you may be able to remember the color of your first car, but not what you needed to pick up from the supermarket. Such simple short term memory loss is common and harmless.

Memory loss or amnesia is an uncommon forgetfulness that can happen due to brain damage. Illness, injury or extreme mental distress can be the causes of this brain damage. Memory loss can be grouped using many criteria. Loss of memory can be classified into permanent and temporary memory loss on the basis of the time span of the memory loss.

Short Term Memory Loss can be caused by number of different conditions. You may be among an increasing number of adults who report difficulties in remembering ordinary things where you put your keys, your glasses, the name of someone you met last

week or an important list, report or meeting. There can be a number of causes.

Drinking alcohol can cause temporary amnesia by blocking the hippocampus’s ability to create memory.

Sometimes we face sever memory loss from the affect of brain injury. In case of injury in brain, the entire brain tissue become damaged severely and creates several complication stages consisting long term and short term memory loss.

Stroke is one of the most serious reasons for sudden short-term memory loss. A brain tumor is sometimes found to be responsible for sudden short-term memory loss. It may be malignant or benign, and fast- or slow-growing, yet have the same outcome.

To recover memory power you must have to leave bad activities such as alcohol and late night sleeping. Exercise is the best method to improve memory.

It is recommended that you visit your doctor if you notice frequent episodes of memory loss, especially of events that occurred within the last minute.


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