Typhoid fever is one such infectious illness that is mainly transmitted by contaminated water or food.

Typhoid Fever is characterized by typical course of temperature and ulceration of the bowels. The fever is of uncertain duration and is infectious.

You need to be so careful about eating from roadside joints and from other unhygienic places as diseases can spread easily. Typhoid fever is one such disease that is mainly related to hygiene and sanitary conditions rather than the climate itself. It is mainly because of contaminated food and water.

The common symptoms that can be observed in Typhoid fever are constipation followed by diarrhea, bloody stools, fever especially at night, chills, stomach pain, weakness, fatigue, malaise, sore throat, slow heart rate, uneasiness, general discomfort or ill-feeling.

Nutritive measures can alone help you in curing of typhoid.

  • Drink boiled and properly filtered water.
  • Wash your feet and hands thoroughly, especially after outdoors.
  • Keep food in closed containers.
  • Have steamed/boiled food only.
  • Do not eat outside food
  • Take 1 spoon honey in a glass of hot water and add 1/2 a lime to it, every morning
  • Avoid- tea, spicy food, coffee, alcohol and soft drinks.
Typhoid Remedies at home :-

Give clove water to the patient suffering from typhoid. Boil five cloves in 2 liter of water, when the water is reduced to half the quantity, strain it. The patient should take it frequently every day for some time. Plain water should also be boiled and given to the patient when it cools down.

Basil leaf and Black Pepper may be taken. 4 basil leaves, 7 grains of black pepper and 7 shreds of saffron must be ground together to make a paste which should be consumed twice or thrice everyday with lukewarm milk.

Drinking hot water mixed with a spoon of Honey is helpful during typhoid. As honey helps in digestion

Apply cold compress to head if temperature rises above 103 degree Fahrenheit. Or wrap the body and legs twice with a sheet wrung in cold water and then cover it with a warm material. The pack should be kept for an hour and renewed after every 3 hours. Hot water bottles may be applied to the sides of the body and feet.


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  1. Useful tips to follow during typhoid. Very easy to use. thanks for sharing this information.

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