There’s this mysterious characteristic that sexy people possess. Everyone has things about them that are unique, but there are also some things that are nearly universal; like needing something or someone, or self-esteem. Though the degree may differ, the underlying premise holds true.

We are all human and want to look sexy and appealing. Understand how to manipulate the multi-sensory science of attraction and you can ramp up your personal sex.

Below are ten simple tips to improve your sex appeal.

Discover yourself

One of the big keys to feeling comfortable with your own sex appeal is in figuring out who you truly are and working with what you have. You’ll come off as phony and everyone will see it and not find it sexy at all. Look at how you dress and style your hair. Think about what makes you feel comfortable.

Looks matter

Many researchers found wearing a red polo shirt significantly increases women’s attraction to you. It may be a primal thing, or a man who wears red may feel more dominant, influencing his confidence.

But beauty is more than skin deep. Studies confirm women have strong preferences for taut bodies and broad shoulders.

Choose your unique style
How do you want others to see you, keeping in mind that you are who you are, not someone else? You might need to ground yourself a bit. i.e. separate fantasy from reality.

Also, keep in mind that your image of yourself in comfortable ways may never mesh exactly with what you want others to see in you.

First kiss

The first kiss lets her check out the chemical messengers that signal sexual attraction. To give your genetic code the best chance to work its magic, keep your kisses soft, sensual, firm and not too wet.

Build self confidence

It’s about gaining confidence in your own opinion of yourself and knowing that you are someone that someone else could find sexually appealing. Building this confidence is not usually very easy.

Here’s something to keep in mind. Improving your sex appeal is also about improving how you view your own sex appeal; about getting yourself to a place where you feel sexy whether others see it or not.

Be unpredictable

Breaking rapport, teasing, making jokes and the like signifies one important aspect of self that you have a solid foundation of comfort that you’ve built off of and you don’t really need or want other people’s approval.

Be confident and socially intelligent to come off as unpredictable, but not destructive. Women and people in general like the element of perceived danger that comes with being unpredictable they don’t necessarily like destructive behaviour.

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