Blood is a thick red liquid which transports the things required for our life to the body tissues and brings back things those which are rejected by the tissues. It is bright red in color but in veins it runs as a deep blue / purple in color due to being de-oxygenated. It is pumped through the body by our heart.

Chemically it is alkaline in nature. It is about one- twentieth of body weight. Its average volume is about 5-6 liters. It is actually made up of liquid and gas. Under a microscope small cell known as blood cells, or blood corpuscles: These are red blood corpuscles (RBC) and white Blood corpuscles (WBC) floating in a liquid called plasma. Plasma is 15% by volume of the total blood, the balance 45% being the RBC and WBC.

Different Blood Groups

There are 4 blood groups in a human body:-

  • These are A, B, AB and O groups, each having +ve and -ve
  • These groups depend on the blood antigen present in RBC.

Blood is important constituent of the body. A heavy loss of blood can cause death. So, motivate people to donate blood and save precious lives.


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