Womens are beauty conscious, but dark underarm make them embarrassed. The main causes of dark underarms are poor hygiene, sweating and chemical reactions from perfumes, deodorants. Here are some tips to prevent darkness of underarms:

  • Take lemon slice and rub on your underarms for 10 min, wash with warm water. This will remove dull skin and make fresh skin. Apply only one or two times in a week. natural skin care
  • Do not shave the hair in underarms, try to wax them. Waxing will pluck the hairs from root and thus make them less dark.
  • Prepare paste of two teaspoon cucumber juice and turmeric powder. Apply this paste on the underarms and wash after 15-20 min with warm water.
  • Drink plenty of water daily, as water will push out the unnecessary toxins from body.
  • Make sure proper wipe underarms after taking a bath.
  • Prepare paste of vinegar and baking soda. Rub this paste on underarms and wash after 20 min. skin will become lighten.
  • Prepare mixture of sandal powder and rose water for cleaning the underarms skin.
  • Take equal quantity of gram flour, curd, milk and pinch of turmeric powder and mix it. Massage this paste on underarms, wash after 15 min with warm water.
  • Do not wear extremely tight cloths.

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