Henna is essential cosmetic item and popular in women. It is important substance in aromatic essence.  Henna is applied on nails and palms. The Henna leaves are cool, tonic value, used in impurity of blood and for reducing swelling.

Henna is a flowering plant with the botanical name lawsonia inermis. Hennais mostly used as a coloring agent. It is mixed with other natural dyes. Its flower oil is used in perfume.

Benefits of Henna:

  • Boosts hair growth: Henna helps in the cure of hair loss. Boiled henna leaves in mustard oil, massage this oil regularly for healthy growth of hair.Henna
  • Make hair shine: Prepare mixture of dry Henna, water and lemon juice. Apply this paste on hair and wash after 1 hour, hair will become shine. 
  • It is useful in dysentery. Prepare powder of Henna plant seeds and mix in ghee. Take small quantity with water for treatment of dysentery.
  • Henna flower helpful in headaches. Prepare paste of henna flower & vinegar, apply this paste on head.
  • Useful for burns caused by fire. The leaves ground with water are applied over the affected area.
  • Henna leaves Beneficial for mouth ulcers and blisters in the mouth.
  • Henna flowers are useful in pain. Mix Henna flowers with warm wax and rose oil, apply this paste on affected area.
  • A paste of henna leaves gives soles relieve.

Use Henna:

  • Always use fresh and deep green Henna powder.
  • Commercial Henna products contain additional ingredients. So always check the label.

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