Monsoon is season to rejuvenate all the living things on the planet. It is a refreshing season that makes you feel that beauty tips cane forgotten for some time. However as the intermittent showers pour high, you may notice some uneasiness with the skin.

You need to be careful about the food we eat and the water we drink. During the rainy season, our digestion is weakened. The infections during monsoon reduce the natural resistance level of the body. A few of the very common diseases of this season are cough, cold, flu, poor digestion, jaundice, typhoid, and dysentery. Besides, skin related problems such as abscess, prickly heat, and eczema are also very common.

To be Healthy during Rainy Season follow these tips:-


Skin becomes dehydrated during the monsoon which is why you must moisturize it regularly. You need to be extra careful about cleansing your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. The cleansing agent should be gentle and yet, it should be strong enough to remove every trace of dust and dirt from your skin.

Wash hands with soap and disinfected water before eating or handling food, after clean-up work and after handling flood water-contaminated items.


Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly, particularly leafy vegetables and cauliflower, which not only contain larvae and worms, but also collect dirt from the streets.

Garlic, pepper, ginger, asafoetida (hing), jeera powder, turmeric and coriander help enhance digestion and improve immunity.


One should wear cotton clothes and loose clothes and use talcum powder that are anti-fungal in areas more prone to fungal infections.

Avoid wearing clothes like Jeans which does not dry immediately, wear cotton most of the time that is skin friendly.  Those who are having diabetes needs to take extra care for foot these days. Please do not walk bear footed. Avoid wearing wet shoes.


Standing water after floods is a breeding place for mosquitoes. Drain all standing water and empty water from outdoor items such as old tires, cans and flower pot bases. Protect yourself with an appropriate insect repellent

Malaria and jaundice are common due to stagnant water and contaminated food. Use mosquito repellants, creams and nets if you live in mosquito-prone areas or places with stagnant water.


Exercise is an important part of your monsoon health care regime and it’s very essential to look at different option to regulate the exercise to stay active, fit and healthy. There are multiple exercise options you can try, if you’re comfortable working out indoors.


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