Red Scars appear after pimples, skin infection, allergy or any reaction. By using home remedies we can get rid of red scars or make them light. Given below are few natural tips:

  • Rub the Ice on red scars for 15 minutes. With the help of Ice, pores of skin become tight and red scars look light.
  • Cut the Tomato in two pieces and rub one by one on face. Wash after 15 minutes with warm Water.
  • Prepare Juice of Cucumber (Kakdi) and apply on face. Wash after 15-20 minutes with warm Water.
  • Prepare Juice of raw Potato (Aloo) and apply on red scars area. Wash after 10-15 minutes with warm Water.
  • Olive oil is very effective in skin problems. Massage Olive oil on red scars area to make it light. Apply Olive oil regularly, you will get soft skin.
  • Take one spoon Sandalwood, 2 spoons Yoghurt (Dahi), 1 spoon of Rose water and pinch of Turmeric (Haldi) powder and mix it. Apply this paste on red scars slowly. Wash after 20 minutes. It is very helpful to get rid of red scars.
  • Honey is effective home remedy for red scars. Apply honey on affected area and wash after 20-25 minutes.

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