In India 4.5 million people are victims of diabetes. The main reason is irregular meal, mental stress, lack of exercise.  Diabetes disease related to metabolic, in which oxidation of carbohydrates and glucose is not fully detected.

The role of diet in diabetes

Meal of diabetic patient is depending on calories. Which decides on it’s age, weight, gender, height, working etc. Depending on each person’s different – different dietary chart is created. We must take special care of time and amount of food in diabetes. Here we are giving diet chart for general diabetes patient.

Diabetes Diet Chart

Morning at 6: ½ teaspoon fenugreek powder + water.

Morning at 7: 1 cup sugar free tea + 1-2 mary biscuits.

Morning at 8.30: 1 plate upma or oatmeal + half bowl sprouted grains + 100ml cream-free milk without sugar

Morning at 10.30: 1 small fruit or 1 cup thin and sugar free buttermilk or lemon water

Lunch at 1: 2 roti of mixed flour, 1 bowl rice, 1 bowl pulse, 1 bowl yogurt, half cup soybean or cheese vegetable, half bowl green vegetable, one plate salad

4 pm: 1 cup tea without sugar + 1-2 less sugar biscuits or toast

6 pm: 1 cup soup

8.30 pm: 2 roti of mixed flour, 1 bowl rice, 1 bowl pulse, half bowl green vegetable, one plate salad

10.30 pm: Take 1 cup cream -free milk without sugar.

When you feel hungry intake raw vegetables, salad, black tea, soups, thin buttermilk, lemon water.

Avoid it: molasses, sugar, honey, sweets, dry fruits.

Advice for diabetes patient:

  • 35-40 minute faster walk every day.
  • Diabetic person should eat food between times intervals like take breakfast in morning, lunch, some snakes and dinner.
  • Avoid oily food.
  • Intake more fiber foods in meals. It increases glucose level gradually in blood and keeps control.
  • Do not take fast and also don’t go much party.
  • Diabetic person should eat food slowly.

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