Eating salad every day is giving us many health benefits. It is one of the simple food habits which can do anyone. Green salads are on the menu of almost every restaurant or party.

Salad is the mixture of Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Cheese and Germinate Grain. So many Fruits & Vegetables are easily available, according to your choice you can prepare salad. But make sure these Fruits or Vegetable is properly clean. Use different combination of substance such as Fruits, green Vegetable, Nuts, Germinate Grain so that you can get all nutrients benefits. Salad should be decorative by mixing colored Vegetables or Fruits of your choice. The decoration of your salad can be attractive as well as nutritive.

Eating Salad Benefits:

  • Green vegetables salad help to low our cholesterol.

  • As Salad is not having fat therefore it helps to losing weight.

  • Green vegetables salad help to decrease constipation.

  • Eat Salads for the Fiber. Salads provide the body with a lot of fiber which is helpful to human body.

  • Eating salad will reduce your calorie intake during lunch or dinner.

  • Daily fruits and vegetables salad gives many nutrients to body cells.

  • Salad helps to prevent from many diseases like heart trouble and Blood pressure.

  • If we will intake green salad daily then possibility of cancer is low.

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2 Responses to “Benefits of Eating Salad”

  1. arpita kapadia says:

    this is very good web generally for women

  2. Does anyone have the recipe for chicken salad with? I’m looking for the recipe for chicken salad that has peas and potatoes…i had this at a baby shower on some tostadas and it was really good. does anyone have this recipe. thanx

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